25 February, 2006

Day 3 with the Tern: Fuselage Part 2 - Control problems.

The day started a bit strangely. I was blown out of the water by Mrs. Tillman in match play this morning. She had me down 2 on the front nine, and I managed to squeak back to even by the turn with a par and a birdie on 8 and 9. I think that the hot dog did me in, because straight out of the gate on the back I was down 1, then 2, then 3 by the 12th hole! Every time I would nail a great shot, she would sink an impossible putt to push the hole. I just couldn't catch a break, and she closed me out 3 and 2 after 16.

Perhaps that was just the beginning of the control problems. When I got back to working on the Tern, I started tinkering with my pushrod arrangements. I had planned to put the servos in sideways and stacked in between bulkheads 3 and 4 (see yesterday's post for the cutaway). I quickly realized that this wasn't going to work.

With some quick (OK it was an hour and a half of tinkering) thinking, I decided to move one servo aft of the towhook block, and keep one forward. I could then run both pushrods out over the aft deck and bring them out with the tail boom.

After getting that all sorted out, I closed up the top of the fuse and got B1 ready for the nose block.

To help me keep track of all the stuff I am trying to get done this winter, I made a to-do list.

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