14 February, 2006

Finishing the Spirit 100

With the Dude out of the way, I set my sights on completing my Spirit 100. On my initial installation of the electronics, I had everything nicely in place, but with the ballast required to balance out the huge tail, I had little room left in the forward compartments for the stuff that needed to go there, most notably the switch.

I tried a lot of configurations without avail (receiver under wing, wires over and under servos). I eventually settled on getting the switch out of the way with a Du-Bro switch harness and charging jack behind the servos (mighty tight installation, but a good spot for it).

After this was done, I had little need to frequently remove the hatch, so I ran the wing servo connections (should have used a bundled cable) and the battery lines in between the polystyrene cockpit and the balsa frame. After I plugged in the Rx, I had just enough wiggle room to get the rubber band back in place that holds the whole thing down.

After a few flights, I will likely add a spruce bolt plate and drop a 10-32 wing bolt through the hatch where it attaches to the forward wing bulkhead. Tomorrow (with any luck), I'll rehinge those sloppy ailerons and be ready for business.

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