19 February, 2006

I hate hinges

I went to rehinge the Spirit ailerons today. Well, I really went to do it last night, but I couldn't find my CA hinges. I had used four in the big giant pack, and I think I threw the rest out.

So today I go and get some balsa and some hinges, and then I get the left aileron back on. I go to reconnect the servo, and I notice that I am still having this horrible problem with center point drift. I assumed that it was a problem with the radio, and that I was trying to do too much mixing. Well, I played with it for a while, and noticed that at the top of the aileron throw, the servo was bouncing, and after each bounce, it would lose a little ground against center.

Each time I would recenter it, and neutralize the trim electronically. Then the problem would continue, until it had slipped so much that it couldn't even be centered any more. Thats when I noticed that the horn was slipping against the servo itself. I pulled it apart, and sure enough, I was using a Futaba horn with a Tower servo. The shaft of the servo is the right size for the horn, but the teeth within the horn are the wrong shape.

I ended up going back to the hobby store and buying a pack of DuBro horns that are for Tower servos. Now I don't seem to be having any problem with it. Let this be a lesson (that I obviously needed to learn). Keep your servo horns segregated by manufacturer. That mistake could have cost me a glider!

After completing the left aileron and the flap servo horn changes, I just didn't have anything left to do the right aileron. Thank goodness tomorrow is President's Day. Thank goodness that I have such a great local hobby shop (Doug's Hobby ).

The moral of this story is that nothing can make you feel like an idiot quite like actually being an idiot.

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