20 February, 2006

Preparing the Spirit...

This morning I set out with one task: finish the Spirit's ailerons. I finished the right aileron, got it hinged with no problem, and then assembled the wing for a radio trial of everything.

I immediately realized that the servo arm on the flap servo was too long, it was hitting the ballast box. So I took the wing apart and changed the servo arm. It was at this point, that I noticed (to my horror) that the flap servo had no position control. This could only mean one thing, and a dissection of the servo revealed that one of the gears had indeed shed its teeth.

It was off to the hobby store to find a replacement, and luckily they had one last Hitec (no box, no horns and no grommets). I snatched it up for the deal that they offered and ran back home.

Finally I completed the plane, and with all of the servo problems now fixed, the radio mixing is a dream.

As would be expected, it snowed last night, so now I have to wait some more for a trial flight.

That gives me time to start my next project: the Tern 2VS.

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