11 March, 2006

Day 14 with the Tern: Bad golf but good progress

I am really close now. I finished covering the wing, I picked a sunburst scheme on top that just took a lot of meticulous cutting and covering and way too much intensity. I made a huge mistake in forgetting to rig both the spoiler wires and the rubber bands that hold the spoilers closed before I covered. I had to cut into the bottom of the covering for the wires, and rigged up a couple of hooks to run the rubber band around the spar with. Just took a little more time.

I used some DuBro electric hinge tape for the spoilers. According to the inside of the roll, it was made by 3M, and I wonder what it was originally used for. It is a really tough, thick polymer film with a very good PSA on the back. Many good uses for that sort of thing, but it was still pretty cheap ($6 for 10 or 20 yards).

All that remains is to drill and tap the aft wing bolt block, add the Velcro to hold the hatch down, and then balance the whole deal out. According to Curtis Suter's great sizing spreadsheet, my balance point should be 3.2 inches from the LE at the root. There is a link to this spreadsheet at Colorado Gliders.

I'm not even going to talk about the golf, but the weather was wonderful today.

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