12 March, 2006

Day 15 with the Tern: Fin

And by that I mean fin, as in end in latin, not fin, as in vertical.

I can't really believe that it only took me 15 days of building. All I had left today was a final weight and balance (came out at 31 oz with 5 oz of ballast), some radio installation/placement concerns, and a final trim of the aft wing bolts.

I ended up keeping the switch velcroed to the side of one of the servo bays. It would have been too much of a space and weight waste to put in a large switch with a mount. If I decide to change that later, it won't be a big deal. I made the hatch easy enough to get off that it won't be a problem. Because I didn't initially plan on using my computer radio for this ship, I installed a GP Elevon mixer for the Slinger (at Tower). It works well, but won't be needed if I switch over to a radio with onboard mixing.

Good thing that there wasn't much else so that we had time to go out and play a horrendously long round of golf.

I'll finish writing the build instructions and then I'll post them and the plans on my design page.

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