01 March, 2006

Day 6 with the Tern: Fuselage finale and Wing Part 1

Yesterday I finished the fuse, including the controls. I was having a bit of a problem with control cable buckling, until I slapped a couple of nice black cable ties onto the pushrod at the nodes, and then the problem went away. I guess those are now primary structure.

I started the inner wing panel last night, got all of the ribs for that panel cut and the spar glued in place. Looks like my trailing edge concept is going to work very well, I'll try to take/post some pictures of that later. I have also decided to add wingtip extensions (3" span each and a tip chord of 4"). That will bring the total span of the model just under 78", and may drop the wing loading ever so slightly.

What it really does is make a dramatic change in the spiral and yaw stability based on the model that I am using. It should change the EDA to around 13 degrees for the whole plane, which more than compensates for the lack of dihedral at the root.

I also finished beautifying the excel spreadsheet that I use for spar sizing on my models. I have put it on my design page, along with some instructions.

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