01 March, 2006

Day 7 with the Tern: The Wing is Spoiled

I came close to finishing the center wing panel today. The LE and TE went on with no problems, and I was correct that my TE idea would work. My thinking was that a traditional 1.5 inch TE was to much for most of the wing, but just right for over the bolt block in the aft fuse. So I figured that I would use the 1.5 inch stock inside of BL3 and use smaller TE stock outboard. As you can see, it worked well, and just requires a little shaping to get them to match perfectly.

I also added the spoiler bays in the wings. I decided to go with a smaller spoiler that is only 6 inches wide, but is 1.5 inches deep. It will sit flush with the top of the wing when the cap strips are installed. The bays are framed, and the spoiler has a step to rest on when not deployed. I am going to use a set of dual belcranks to magnify the servo output from the S3108, and I may use springs to hold the servos shut. I haven't decided yet on all of that.

I ended up deciding that a #16 rubber band through an eyelet on the bottom of the spoiler that was then wrapped around the CFRP tube spar was the perfect solution. These provide a good amount of tension, but are pretty easy to install, even with a pair of hemostats through the servo bay.

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