10 March, 2006

Days 12 and 13 with the Tern: What a Wing

On Wednesday, I finished the right wing. On Thursday, I bonded the whole thing together and glassed the joints. Because of the way that I did the joints (I used TE stock as a large bonded surface and to give me the proper dihedral), there wasn't much load tie between the stiff spar on the outer wing and the stiff spar on the inner wing, so I glassed around the LE sheeting using 4 plies of 7781 glass (one full wrap ply, one joint ply on the top and one on the bottom, and then a doubler ply that was twice as wide). I also used a glass wrap around the body of the rib itself. I wrapped the glass around the rib several times, then wrapped that in FEP, and then held it all in compression with many tight wraps of masking tape. It worked really well.

I used wood filler where the LE met the sheeting, and over all of the LE glass. Sanded that down this morning and it is ready for covering. The wing weight (without covering) is right at 10 oz, including the spoilers and servo (which weigh an ounce combined). That should put me balanced at around 25 oz. I am pretty happy with that. I don't think that it will be the 2M HLG floater that I was hoping for, but it will be a terror off the hi-start.

Perhaps I could market these to IKEA as some sort of Scandahoovian modern art? Call it the Ingvar or the Tarlap.

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