04 March, 2006

Days 8 and 9 with the Tern: 3 Wingtips, 2 Spoiler Servos, and an outer wing panel.

What an interesting couple of days this has been. Two days ago, I started building the wing tips. One of them came off just fine, and then I broke the other one. For some reason, this sent me into a funk, and it didn't dawn on me until yesterday that I could just rebuild it (duh). So I did.

Problem number two arose with my selection of an S3108 for the spoilers. That servo just doesn't have enough action. It has plenty of torque, but just not enough throw with the standard arm, and I couldn't find a replacement arm. So I am switching to an HS-80MG for the spoilers. I'll drop the arm through the bottom of the wing into the fuse, and that will give me plenty of throw. Along the way, I drafted a simple XL spreadsheet to analyze the geometry and the loads required to actuate the servo. You can get it on my Design Page, there are some instructions there too.

I finished the left outer wing, and joined the wingtip to it. It came out very nicely. I'll get some pix up as soon as I can.

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