22 March, 2006

Rx Glitching, Power Models, and more...

Last weekend I took the Tern and the Sophisticated Dude out to the park for a quick set of trim flights. The Dude lept right out of my hands, and was quickly about 200 feet downwind. With no penetrating ability, it was a lost cause. I quickly switched to the Tern.

The day before, I had installed a GWS Naro six channel Rx so that I could use my Futaba 7U Super for all the great mixing. I turned everything on and began a quick range check. I was less than 30 feet from the model when everything started glitching. I extended the antenna on the Tx, but that only delayed the glitching by about 10 feet. Fortunately, I had no desire to crash or lose the model after a hand launch, so I packed up and went home. Sure enough, it was doing the same thing in the basement.

I went over to my local shop, and they indicated that this was a problem with these Rx units, and nothing was wrong with the channel that I was on. They hooked me up with a nice, caseless JR unit and crystal that works just fine and is actually smaller.

Since then, I fired up my really ugly stik and ran some gas through the enormously overpowered engine. I am also nearly done with my EZ LR250 Formula 1 ARF.

Of course, the weather is still rotten.

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