28 May, 2006

Breaking in the OS engines

Well, I've had about 20 flights on the U Can Do by now, and the .46 is really starting to hit its stride. It performs excellently, allowing nice harriers and hovers. In no wind, there is only a limit of patience as to how long you can hover. I have switched to an APC 13x4W prop. It is turning about 2500 RPM less than the 12x5, but it gives almost a pound more thrust. I weighed the plane today, and it rang in at 5#10, and the engine is currently turning out 5#6 running blubbery.

I also flew the little racer today, and it was screaming after a few tanks. With the 8x7 on and no wind, the thing flew like a mini-pattern plane. What a blast it was to bore around the sky at 80 MPH.

Just take your time with an OS engine and it will pay off, make sure that you don't push them too hard at first, let them work into their groove.

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