18 September, 2006

Rechristening the Spirit

I finally received my Graupner folding prop and spinner combo today, so I was free to go ahead and finish the Spirit conversion. The spinner collett was a little tighter than the one that I used to size the nose ring, so I had to shave a little with the Dremel and recover the front, but that wasn't a big deal.

Once I got the prop on, I balanced the plane with just a few ounces of lead in the battery compartment. The plane ended up tipping the scales at 73 ounces, with the engine producing 26 ounces of thrust (at roughly 140 W). That comes out to a power loading of 32 W/lb, a wing loading of 11.5 oz/sq ft and a T/W ratio of 0.36:1. It won't be a hotliner by any means, but I hope that it will provide some climbing power.

I had a local auto customizing shop (D&G Kustom) cut some vinyl lettering for me, and I rechristened the airplane the Esprit 100.

I was especially pleased with the way that the tail numbers looked when applied over the rudder and fin.

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