09 September, 2006

Simply Electrifying

More conversion work last night, nothing today except a little bad golf and a lot of football. Last night, I spent a long time working the radio mixing for the wing. I ended up using the 2 Flap model for the 9CAPS because it was much simpler to mix everything the way that I wanted it. I have posted a quick overview of the method here.

I finished the front end, mounting a ring on the nose ahead of the engine and rounding the fuse to meet it. This would help ensure that there wasn't an odd looking transition between the fuse and the spinner.

You can see in the middle of the bay behind the motor (where the flight pack will go) that I have included a button magnet to hold down the canopy. With four of these (two on the fuse and two on the canopy), there is no additional hold down method required, but I will likely put a rubber band on the canopy just in case.

After mounting the canopy, I took a picture of the new profile of the front end. As you can see, I removed quite a bit of covering to round the nose properly. I am going to redo all of the covering in the front end to try and even things up a bit.

Finally, this morning we headed up to Waldorf to check out the outdoor supply and army surplus store. I picked up a 0.30 cal ammo box there to store LiPos for transport. For $4, a pretty cheap way to get some piece of mind. The boxes lock and are waterproof too.

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