07 October, 2006

Rebuilt Super Sportster 60

My most recent flight with the SS 60 was truly enjoyable. That design is one that never goes out of style, especially once you really get to know how to fly it. It is just a smooth airplane all around, and really deserves to be pulled out of the hangar quite often. Unfortunately, I found that while flying it was fun, landing was a pain on the grass field. The gear on the wings even made taxiing difficult. I shelved the plane several months ago when I noticed that the canopy was coming loose, promising that I would fix it all very soon.

Well, this rainy weekend I finally did. I got a DuBro high strength landing gear set, and cut open the forward fuse to drop in some ply mounting plates with blind nuts. While I was in there, I changed the fuel tank, put bigger wheels on, and redid the wheel pants. I also put on a new spinner and canopy. I think that it looks good, even if it does look a bit like Dracula's personal plane.

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In fact, I just got off the treadmill...