21 January, 2007

Omei and Ascent

Over the last few months, I have added an Omei 2000 and an E-Flite Ascent to my collection. While both are ARFs, they are certainly fun to fly. I am using the Omei to check out my Futaba R149, and have had no problems thus far. It is powered by an RC Sport Evo 1480 with 40A ESC. I use a separate 1400 mAh pack for the Rx and servos, with the BEC feature disabled.

Since I have done little to the kit - apart from glassing the wing joint - I fly it like a TD ship. It floats reasonably well, and penetrates very well. Using a 2100 mAh motor pack, I was able to record a 60:31 flight (12 minutes of motor time) last December.

The Ascent has been modified from stock with an E-Flite 400 outrunner and uses a 3S 1320 Thunder Power pack for both the motor and the two SM15 servos (with an RS6UL Rx). Turning a Graupner 10x8 CAM folder, it climbs vertically, and has achieved glide:power ratios of 17:1. With some spoilers for spot landing, it could do well in an F5J competition. Given that it went together in less than 2 hours and cost $70, I'm pretty happy with that.

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