28 January, 2007

Wing Skinned

I finished skinning the SGB88 wing today. I put the joiner rod in for a test fit and snapped this picture. Keep in mind that the left wing doesn't have a LE, TE or a wingtip on yet, so this is close, but not all the way to 88 inches. the left and right hand wings were built a little differently, which is why one has a joint and the other doesn't.

I used Dow Blue foam for the wing. It has a carbon fiber ply under the balsa skin, and a carbon joiner sleeve at the root, along with ply bolt blocks and a glass reinforcement near the root. Here you can see the carbon going on the wing core prior to the balsa skin. You can also see the blue painted stab in the background.

Here is a picture of my first cut at the fuselage outline and the stab/fin joiner (25% scale). The fuse is simply 1/8 ply bulkheads with 1/16 balsa skins that I will glass with 4 oz cloth.

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